Custom Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning is an opportunity to enjoy one-of-a-kind experience, to improve your overall health, to invest in yourself, and to get that super-clean-shiny-teeth feeling that we all love. Oh – and who could forget: it just might save your life. Coming in for your regular hygiene visits ensures that any signs of oral cancer will be detected early.

When you choose Dental Cleaning Service for your regular, 6-month dental visits – you’re choosing a dental hygiene program that combines professional cleanings, oral health screening and personalized focused care year round. We’re here to help you maintain dental health on your terms, as an ally and a friend. We’re happy to help you improve your at-home hygiene habits, reach your dental health goals, and give you every reason to feel great.

Gentle Dental Cleaning

When we say that we provide gentle care, we mean compassionate, personal care that always puts you first. Whether it’s been a few months or a few decades since your last dental cleaning, we promise to respect your comfort level and preferences while you’re in our care.

Custom Cleaning includes the things you need for a clean smile, in an experience that’s tailored for your comfort.

Do you have a preference for a certain type of cleaning paste? Maybe you’ve got a strong gag reflex? Whatever it is — our Dental Hygienists will consult with you to learn your history, needs, and preferences.