We offer convenient on-site dental care to people who have difficulty going to dental clinics and waiting for their turn.

Quality Dental Care

At Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental, we price all our services competitively because everyone should have the right to smile.

Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental – Leading Mobile Dental Service in Florida

Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental Service is the leading mobile dental service in Florida, providing on-site dental care to patients in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and private homes.  Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental Service offers comprehensive on-site dental procedures from routine examination, x-rays, and cleanings, to denture fabrication and repair, fillings, crown and bridge and extractions.

We truly care about you!

At Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental, we are passionate about providing world class on-site dental health care to all our patients. Our team of experienced doctors are both extremely capable and very compassionate. We work with older patients all the time and understand that they need more patience and greater care. That’s what we are great at.

We work with

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    Assisted Living Communities

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    Nursing & Rehabilitation Facilities

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    Private Home

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    Hospice Patients

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    Memory Care Communities

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    Retirement Communities

Don’t neglect oral care

Most people do not connect their oral health to the health of the rest of their bodies.

Poor Oral Health can be linked to Heart Desease, Stroke, Diabetes and Respiratory Disorders.

Maintaining oral health plays a key role in the health of the entire body.


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